We have traditionally encouraged participants to attend the conferences during all the days and to participate in all the activities. Anyway, some participants could not be able to stay the whole period. They could pay A) Registration fees and they would arrange their hotels by themselves. Also, they could attend as on-line participants.

The rest of participants would attend in our traditional all inclusive conference. They must register and pay A) Registration fees and B) Accommodation.

We have booked rooms in five hotels in the heart of the old city of Úbeda, and we have prepared an all inclusive conference.

We have obtained very special prices in these hotels and we encourage you to choose one of them. As the number of booked room is limited, we encourage you to make your reservation soon.

You can also book the hotel by yourself and just pay A) Registration fees. If you are interested in any other social activity, you can book it in Úbeda at the registration desk.

To be included in the scientific program, you have to pay A)-Registration or B)-Accomodation-reservation before June 29th.

B) Accommodation, meals, local travels and social events

Fees corresponding to:

i. Accommodation: single/double room in Hotel El Postigo/ Hotel María de Molina/Palacio de la Rambla/Parador de Úbeda/Hotel MS Palacio de Úbeda (5 nights, from July 8th to July 12th).
ii. Meals: breakfasts (from July 9th to July 13th), lunches (from July 9th to July 12th), dinners (from July 8th to July 12th).
iii. Local travels: shuttle bus/taxi service between Linares-Baeza train station and Úbeda.
iv. Social events: travel and visit to Baeza, Iznatoraf and Úbeda.

HotelSingle RoomDouble Room (Two participants)Double Room (Participant+Accompanying)
Hotel El Postigo€ 560€ 460 + € 460€ 560 + € 380
Hotel María de Molina€ 575€ 475 + € 475€ 575 + € 400
Palacio de la Rambla€ 645€ 510 + € 510€ 645 + € 390
Parador de Úbeda€ 670€ 520 + € 520€ 670 + € 390
Hotel MS Palacio de Úbeda€ 970€ 690 + € 690€ 970 + € 430

Booked rooms are limited.

Print, fill in and send to Hotel El Postigo, Hotel María de Molina, Palacio de la Rambla, Parador de Úbeda or Hotel MS Palacio de Úbeda the corresponding Accomodation/Payment form:



Hotel reservation must be done by payment of € 150 per requested room to the Hotel that you prefer, Hotel MS Palacio de Úbeda, Parador de Úbeda, Palacio de la Rambla, Hotel El Postigo or Hotel María de Molina, by bank order money or by credit card.

After receipt of the booking form and the payment, you will receive a confirmation of your reservation. The rest of B) should be paid to the Hotel before June 29th. Our intention is that most participants do not need the registration desk. In this way, if you chose all-inclusive conference and you pay accommodation and local expenses ( B) ) (before June 29th) and conference fees ( A) ), you can go directly to your hotel where you will find in your room the abstracts book, the program, detailed information, invoices, material, etc.

If you decide to pay B) later or once in Úbeda at the registration desk in cash or by credit card, the price will be increased in € 50 per participant.

Your hotel will prepare an invoice ("room and meals") for the total quantity. Extras, as car parking, mini bar, laundry, phone, ... are not included, and they must be paid in your hotel.

You can find the information about how to pay to the hotel in the Accommodation/Payment forms that you find above for every hotel.

Did you support the Jaen Journal on Approximation as author or referee?

  • In 2018 we are celebrating the tenth anniversary of the Jaen Journal on Approximation. If you supported the journal as author or referee, please let us know in the on-line registration system and obtain a special treatment, including the possibility of 50% off for your accompanying people.

You will be also able to check the confirmation of your hotel reservation and your registration by means of our on-line registration system. To access to your information you will have to use the email address and the password that you have introduced in the on-line form. You can access the on-line registration system at any moment from the menu of the Conference.

You will find the way to register and arrange the accommodation in our line registration system accessible from the menu or by means of the following link: